Wednesday, September 07, 2005

8 Days This Time

If I keep going this long between life updates, I might wind up abandoning this place. Yikes! Guess I'd better get to it.

Thursday I had an interesting experience at the ATM. I went to get $100 out. Normally, I'd get 4 twenties and 2 tens. That's what that ATM gives out for whatever reason. This time, I got a fifty and 5 tens. While it was kind of fun to get something different, fifties can be hard to spend. Some places won't take anything above a twenty, and often my total bill is under ten. Kinda makes you wonder what you're supposed to spend that on. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Friday, I found out at noon that we could leave early. So I called Casey to see if he was free to leave, and he was. So we ran errands and didn't actually get home until 3PM. Watched some TV and then cleaned house for the game night.

Saturday I was up early to make a cheesecake for the game night. Finally got to try Joanne Fluke's title recipe for her next book. It has to chill for 8 hours, so I needed to be sure I got it done in plenty of time. It was a huge hit with everyone, even Casey who finished it off last night. My waste thanks him even if my taste buds don't.

Matt S. came over for the game night as well as Debbie, Bonnie (and Dawson), Konrad, Carol, and Neil. We played Taboo, which I haven't played in forever and a day. I'd forgotten just how much I love it. Then, because Bonnie really wanted to play it, we played Apples to Apples, which was fun as always. I'm sure one reason she liked it so much was because she won her first game ever.

Monday, I set my alarm again (never did just sleep in this weekend) and went to Hurricane Harbor with Konrad and Carol. We had a wonderful day at the water park. We epsecially enjoyed Tornado, the new ride. It's a huge funner on its side, and you slide down toward the bottom on giant four person tubes. We were getting half ways up the sides on the first couple passes. Quite the rush.

All this, of course means I hardly got anywhere on The Rising. And I was going to have it finished off easily this weekend. Guess not! And I have The Chocolate Mouse Trap waiting at home to be read, too. Still, I wouldn't trade anything I did this weekend for the world.

So, I gave into temptation last night and bought Lost season 1 on DVD. Should have saved my money for anything else, including the Horrorcane Fundraiser going on at Jix right now. But I couldn't resist the bonus DVD offer at Best Buy. I've got to tell you, the sound is amazing on the discs. There is beach or insect sounds, yet they aren't overdone. And the extras and interesting. Well worth the money, even if I should have saved it for something else.

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