Monday, February 07, 2005

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Is it Monday already? More importantly, is it the end of the day Monday already? Time is just flying by.

Of course, the fact that I spent so much of my weekend watching TV probably didn't help. Which brings me to a major decision. I am giving up on Joey. I just don't find it funny. And I'm going to save CSI and Without a Trace until summer reruns. I just don't have the time right now to watch everything I'd like to watch. Of course, we'll see. I may change my mind once my roommates have moved out and I find out what my new roommates viewing habits are. But cutting out two and a half hours of TV has got to do something to help out my schedule.

Of course, it wasn't all watching TV this weekend. I also watched Phantom of the Opera with the game night crew. I thought it was really well done, but I don't have any of the music and have only seen the play once. Debbie wasn't happy with some of the changes they made. Of course, I'm the one who pointed out a major change that she missed....

After that we went out to Baja Fresh for dinner then played killer Uno with the Muppet cards. Best part of that? I won!!!! Seriously, it was loads of fun.

Sunday I helped Stu move for an hour or so. Basically, the big things that were left. And he's moving in with an old friend of mine I hadn't seen for a long time. Nice to see him every so briefly. I had the Super Bowl, but in the background while doing other things. And finished off with a few more hours of TV and 3 chapters in my book. Non-fiction sure takes longer to read then fiction. Especially when I'm not having time to read.

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