Friday, February 11, 2005

And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

Yep, it's another really rainy Friday here in Sunny Southern CA. And I guess this proves that they don't close campus at the drop of a hat, because I've worked all day and it's been pretty rainy all day.

I've been listening to Disney songs I downloaded into my iTunes for the last hour or so. Of course, that makes me miss Jeff all the more. That summer we were first roommates was so much fun listening to Disney while playing Monopoly or The Stock Market Game. I miss those times.

In other news, I get to be the meany at home again. One of my roommates asked if his friend who's moving out here (which is what prompted them all moving out here) could come out two weeks early and stay with us. He was willing to pay rent, which was a big enticement. But I just can't handle 5 of us in there right now. Four is pushing it some days. Top that with this guy's nickname (The Destroyer), and you see my hesitation. I feel badly, but I need to protect myself. After all, as soon as he pays me rent, he doesn't have to move out without a court order, which begins to get messy.

Have I mentioned recently that I want to live by myself? If only I could figure out a way to afford to do that.

Meanwhile, my roommates have applications filed out and sitting in the condo not turned in. I honestly wonder if they're really going to move out or not. At least all three of them. I think there's more trouble in the moving out paradise then I realize. Once again, I have no clue what's going on in my own place. What was I thinking when I bought this place?

In other subjects, I ran twice this week. Tuesday wasn't the impressive, but Thursday was most of a mile and a half. And I worked out with weights in the fitness center here on campus Monday and Wednesday. If I hadn't called my mom for advice on this roommate thing, I would have made three times this week. Let's see if I can keep it up next week.

And I finished my book. I'll try to make a post on it soon.

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