Tuesday, February 08, 2005

TV Tuesday for February 8th

This week, we're discussing the Super Bowl. Ask me if I'm surprised. Nope, not in the least. :)

1. How much of this year's Super Bowl did you watch? Do you watch any of the pre-game hype?
I watched almost all of it, but it was more background. I was talking to my family for a while, then was doing stuff on my computer. So, unlike last year where I really watched it, this year I only partically watched it. And I stopped watching with about a minute to go to start watching the Happy Days reunion from Thursday.

2. What was your favorite commercial during the Super Bowl? Least favorite?
My favorite would have to be the Bud Light or which ever beer company it was where the pilot of the plane jumped out after the beer. I also liked the one, or what I followed of it, with the cat and the spaghetti sauce. And the career builder/ape ads were pretty good as well. Least favorite was the one of the web site (godaddy?) that only aired once instead of twice. Forget last year, it was just sick and wrong.

3. Did you like the half-time show?
I have yet to find a half-time show I loved, but this one seemed fine to me. Of course, I was hardly paying attention.

4. What's your favorite food to eat while watching the Super Bowl?
Chips or other snack type food. Which I didn't do this year.

~ BONUS ~ A lot has been made over the years about the post-Super Bowl slot to highlight or launch TV shows. It was the post-Super Bowl spot that brought us the A-Team and the Wonder Years. Do you stay up to watch the post-Super Bowl shows? What is the most memorable post-Super Bowl show you've seen?
I think I've only seen two. Alias from two years ago and Survivor All-Stars from last year. Take that back. Survivor Australia started after the Super Bowl, too, didn't it? Anyway, Alias would be my choice because it changed so much of the show. No necessarily for the better, either.

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