Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Three Meme Tuesday

Can you believe I'll be trying to do three today? Me neither. Guess I'd better get going.

First up, the TV Tuesday for the week.

1. What's your favorite all time spin off? Which show did it spin off?
I'm gonna have to go with Laverne and Shirley, which spun off from Happy Days (itself a spin off.) And I guess Diagnosis: Murder counts as a spin off, too, doesn't it. Love that show as well. At least the Lee Goldberg years.

2. What do you consider the worst spin off ever? Why?
At the moment, I'm not exactly enjoying Joey. Much more sexually oriented then Friends was, which really says something. Also, I'd have to say some of those that failed to make a full season would have to qualify. Not that I've seen Joannie Loves Chachi or Three's a Crowd.

3. Is there a show that's ended that you wish they'd done a spin off for? Which one?
I would have liked either of the Babylon 5 spin offs to last long enough to tell the stories they were supposed to tell. I hate being left hanging.

~Bonus~ If you could "end" your current life and make a spin off of it what would you call it? What would be the theme (characters new and eliminated, changes you'd make)?
Starting Over takes Mark, still single, to a new city where he tries to find a wife. New characters are the leader of the singles ministry at his new church, his new co-workers. Everyone non-family was eliminated due to budget cutbacks/new location. Unlike the previous soap opera, this one will be a comedy.

Second, is Mary's Tuesday Two. (I just had to do this one second.)

1. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done to your hair?
Must we go through this discussion again? :) I'd say shaving half my head and coming to play ultimate Frisbee that way. (Link to pictures not posted so Matt doesn't find them without some effort.) A close second would be the Swiss Cheese Mohawk I sported for New Years one year. (Pictures not on-line, Matt, don't worry about it.)

2. Tell me about a book you recently read that you would highly recommend.
The last book I read that I would recommend highly would be The Shooting Script by the afore-mentioned Lee Goldberg. Even if you weren't a D:M fan, this has a great plot that will keep you guessing as to how until the very last page. And if you did watch D:M, you'll absolutely love it.

Finally, we have Eric's most recent Phycho Survey. This edition is guarenteed to tell you nothing new about me. Heck, I'm even going to do Anna's bonus question with the same results.

1. Have you ever worn jeans?Yes
2. Have you ever taken a shower?Yes
3. Have you ever eaten breakfast?Yes
4. Have you ever had a cold?Yes (In fact, I'm getting over one right now.)
5. Have you ever woken up in the morning?Yes
6. Have you ever used a computer?Yes
7. Have you ever watched a movie?Yes
8. Have you ever seen a cat?Yes
9. Have you ever witnessed a rain storm?Yes
10. Have you ever had a conversation with another person?Yes.
Feel free to add additional questions of equal import.:)
To which Anna added:
11. Have you ever gone for a walk?Yes.
12. Have you ever done a meme? (you may include this one in your answer)Yes.
13. Have you ever said "Hello" to someone you know?Yes.

Wait, we can't have an unlucky 13, can we?
14. Have you ever said "Hello" to someone you don't know?Yes.
15. Have you ever watched a TV show?Yes.
16. Have you ever blogged?Yes.

You know, I was tempted to answer sarcastically. That would have been loads of fun. But there were only a few that it would have made a difference on. Who knows, maybe I'll revisit this one if I get the time later.

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