Wednesday, September 22, 2004

In Which I Am Grateful for a Leaky Pipe

Ok, maybe not the leak itself, but the way it happened.

It all started Monday night when I went to bed. I thought the room had cooled off enough we wouldn't need the fan on. So I turned it off.

I awoke at 1:30 in the morning for two reasons. First, it had gotten hot in the room. Second, I heard a sound that sounded like water dripping. Into the light cover over my bathroom sink. Got up to investigate. Couldn't really find anything, but I was more convienced that's what it was. So I called my home owner association's answering service. They called the plumber who said he'd come at 7:30 Tuesday morning. Went back to bed. With the fan on, I could no longer hear the dripping, which was probably a good thing. Would have driven me crazy otherwise.

When I got up Tuesday morning, I no longer heard the noise. In fact, I wasn't sure if I had been right the night before now or not. But I took a shower and got dressed. The plumber showed up and we looked at it for a few minutes. That's when I noticed a water spot. He cut a hole and find a nice steady leak. I felt good because it means I hadn't over reacted. Got it fixed and I even got to work on time. I now have a couple nice holes in my ceiling, but that's minor.

So why am I thankful? Yesterday was the only day I could have stayed home to take care of this. Tomorrow I'm taking my car to the dealer for service and the other days I have class. Furthermore, they came and took care of it right away and they could from my unit. If you remember, when I had a similar problem around Thanksgiving, it took three weeks to get it taken care of.

Now, if they'd just replace the pipes before it happens again I'll be really happy.

In other news, I'm enjoying Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD. Not that that's a surprise or anything.

Last night, I went to the Frisbee golf course and borrowed some discs for Saturday then played the course so hopefully I'll remember where the holes are come Saturday. Was fun, but my right arm sure is sore today. I'm such a whimp.

Think that about covers the news around here. Maybe it's time I headed for home.

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