Friday, September 24, 2004

Fall is in the Air

Actually, today is the day it's been in the air the least. It was downright cold at the beginning of the week. Ok, cold for here. Low 70's during the day. It's now back to 90's. Let me enjoy another week of summer while I can. (And yes, I know come spring I'll think 70 degrees is wonderful.) And the air was rather dry earlier this week as well. It felt like it was sucking any moister it could find out of the air. Not my favorite feeling.

And I've been fighting my annual change of seasons cold. The one I get during our first cool weather snap. This one settled in my throat most of the time, but I'm waiting for my nose to completely unplug.

Fortunately, I could sing enough to lead worship last night. Monday and Tuesday, that wasn't an option.

I was late last night because I just had to finish No Place for Secrets. Great book highly recommended.

Got my check back for excess escrow funds. And with today being payday, I'm much happier with my bank account balance. I don't have a mortgage payment due next week, but will need to pay my car insurance. Still, all in all, I think I'm in pretty good shape financially.

Took my car in for survive yesterday. Just standard maintenance stuff.

As you can tell, after Tuesday, the rest of my week has been a thrill a minute.

I recorded three hours of TV to watch Wednesday night I haven't even gotten near. And I don't know when I'll watch this weekend, either. With a subtle shift of Tv viewing habits, I may never get caught up. I may need to rethink what shows I watch.

No. There's got to be a better way to handle things.

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