Friday, June 25, 2004

Memories of the Past

You'd almost think I've been in a nostalgia mood this week.

You could say it started when I got the Arizona memory book Monday night. Of course, I had to sit and read it cover to cover. I'm sure Drew and Ben must have wondered about the laughter coming from the living room. That was a great trip! And it made me wish all the more I could go to St. Louis this year. It's just killing me!

As I've been mentioning, I've been importing music like crazy into my iTunes program here at work. Well, Wednesday night, I decided to pull out some CD's I hardly listen to so I could add some songs I just love from those CD's. Now I haven't listened to some of these in two years of more, yet I still remembered every word and cue to come in. These are songs that were huge on Christian radio in the early 90's while I was in high school. While I never loved the artists, I love these songs. Brought back many memories of high school.

And, of course, I finished that Civil War mystery this week. NOT THAT I LIVED THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR OR ANYTHING!!!!!!! Frankly, I was disappointed with A Grave at Glorieta. Too slow a beginning and too little developed when it did get going.

Then I started a reread of Terror on Kamikaze Run. Still a great book with a hilarious opening short story.

Not that everything was nostalgia this week. Bible study was normal. And last night was another ultimate frisbee game. We won pretty handily this week, 17-9 or 10. I wasn't surprised since this team seems to have been fairly week during the last two weeks. (All four of the teams on Thursday have just been taking turns playing each other so far. That stops now since we've all played each other now.)

And, when I get off work in 15 minutes, I'm heading out to the church campout. Everything's packed, although most of it is in my office so it doesn't cook in my car. As far as I know, the plan is for me to share Seth's tent, but I've got my own just in case. Should be fun.

See you late Sunday.

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