Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We Are Living in Fictious Times

So, last week, Michael Moore blasts Disney for not releasing his new "documentary" Fahrenheit 911. Well, guess what I learned today. He's known about this for over a year and only now said something to increase the publicity! Gee, ya think this was designed to gain more publicity for his movie? You betcha!

Last week, he was claiming that he just learned about this last week. But, according to that article, he's known for over a year.

Kinda makes me wonder how much we can trust his other "research" in this and other films.

Meanwhile, everyone and their brother has been accusing Disney of censorship. Guess what, folks - Disney was not required to distribute that film. They are a business, they can make whatever choices they deam fiscally sound. Sometimes, that might mean not releasing something controversial because of reprocutions from people who disagree with the release. That's part of living in a free society.

No one doubts that Michael Moore will get this film released (which is a pity.) But what about me? What if I wanted to make a documentary? Who would distribute it for me? More then likely, no one, since I'm just a little no name accountant. So, does that mean my freedom of expression is being violated? If I were big named, yes, but since I'm a no-name no. Does that seem like a double standard to anyone else? Not to mention, any time a liberal faces the consequence of speaking their mind in a free society, they claim censorship (Susan Surandan and Tim Robbins come to mind), yet conservatives are blacklisted in Hollywood. What about that sounds fair?

When the government says anyone can't say what they want to say, then we'll talk censorship and I'll lead the pack. But when a free market and a private company are choosing what they see/hear/distribute/endorse, that's not censorship, that's freedom of choice. Accept it as part of living in this country. It's a wonderful freedom.

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