Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I sure have gotten hooked on having internet at home again so soon. How did I ever live without it? :)

For example, I need to go home and check my hotmail accout since it seems I can't get in from work right now. Now we'll see if I remember that tonight when I do get home.

So I move my car out of the garage about 11:15 on Saturday so if I decide to go somewhere while the power is out I can. Promptly at noon, the power does indeed go out. At 12:20 it comes back on and stays on. I don't know if they finished what they needed to finish or got scared because of the coming rain, but that was all it was off. Of course, I did crazy things like finish The Eyre Affair just in case they turned it back off, but I needn't have worried.

Bascially, it's been a quiet few days. Been reading, got all caught up on TV shows, visited the hot tub the last couple of days. Stuff like that. In fact, I've been feeling completely unmotivated to do anything at work or home. Like pay bills. Based on what I've been doing today, I'm feeling like being on top of things, so hopefully I'll get things done tonight.

Looks like my dryer needs to be fixed. Guess I'll be pulling that insurance policy the sellers bought out and getting it fixed. That won't be fun. It takes two cycles to dry the clothes instead of the one it should take. This is the kind of thing I liked having managers to take care of. Of course, the last place I lived I didn't have my own washer and dryer, so I guess there is a trade off there.

I've been avoiding a subject, but I can't for too much longer. Yep, it's time to discuss gat marriage. Now before you turn away, I'd like to let you know that Dr. John MacArthur, president of my college, will be talking about this subject for most of Larry King Live tonight along with Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (behind the current amendment being considered in Washington), Gavin Newsome (mayor of San Francisco), and Chad Allen (gay activist). I'm sure it will be anything but boring. The program will be on CNN at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific) and will repeat at Midnight (9 Pacific) and 3 AM (Midnight Pacific).

MacArthur will probably say everything I'm about to say and say it much better then I am about to say it, so if you really want to hear my side, tune in tonight and pay attention to what he says.

Here goes:

First I have to talk about what is happening in San Francisco. In case you've missed it, it is state law that gay marriage is illegal here. That was the will of the majority of the residents of this state when we voted on it a few years ago. So what the mayor has done is decided he's above the law and chosen to break it. The fact that no one is calling for him to resign just blows my mind. They are as responsible for upholding the laws of the state in their city. This is no different the the judge posting the 10 commandments in his chamber. And is exposing hypocracy on both sides.

All the mayor is trying to do is force the issue into the courts. He's hoping that they courts will overturn the state law and make gay marriage legal here. Unfortunately, he'll get his way. That's issue number two for me. We are a representative form of government, yet the courts constantly step in and make the laws for us. Most of the time, we have no chance to really do anything about who is and who isn't a judge. And then they go and make the laws for us, taking away our rights to vote and discuss and debate issues.

So, let's get down to the "right" to marry. Sorry, but I must have missed that one in the constitution. If it's in there, I'm going to sue the government since I'm still single. I'll make it a class action lawsuit for those who are single also will have this problem corrected for us.

Obviously, I'm being facitios here, but the point remains that we don't have a right to marry. Anyone who wants to can live with anyone else who wants to. I have no problem with that. What about a heterosexual couple who lives together for 30 years? That's there choice, but then they don't get the benefits of marriage. That's the consequences of their actions. Many people argue that not being able to marry descriminates against homosexuals. Well, I don't see it any differently then those who choose not to marry for whatever reason.

Marriage is designed to build and strengthen our society. It provides a loving, stable place to have a raise children. Studies have shown that children raised in a traditional family with two parents are the most well adjusted and succeed more in life. It's in society's best interests to keep traditional marriage as it is.

Now I'll be the first to admit that marriages fail more often then not. The blaim for that can go many places. Our society no longer values marriage the way it used to or the way it should. Divorse is considered a first choice instead of a last resort many times. We no longer see the need to raise kids in traditional families. (And by traditional, I mean both a mother and father, not the 50's Leave it to Beaver image.) But, just because marriages already are in trouble and under attack, why attack them more? Why make marriage any less significant then it already is.

All this gets going before I get to moral grounds. Yes, I think the homosexual lifestyle is sin. Period. Of course, I don't think it's any more of a sin then lying or stealing, and God will forgive all sin. But I will never view it as anything other then what God clearly calls it in the Bible.

So yes, I am against gay marriage on many different grounds. I will always be against it, even if it is legalized on the entire planet just as I am against abortion. For the record, I don't believe it is any more genetic then whether you like apples or not. It is a choice, thereby making it a sin. Those who chose to live this way must face the consequences of their actions. After all, life is not fair.

I realize this goes against what several of you have written on your blogs. But this is what I believe to be true and why I believe it.

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