Friday, December 13, 2002

Is it 5 yet????? This day has dragged on forever. Part of it is because some of my co-workers took today off or left at noon. And part of it is that I did nothing today. (Bad Mark!)

And I've done it again. I'm setting too high reading standards for myself. I have two small books I want to get through by mid way next week. With everything else going on, that's doing nothing but adding stress to my life. When your "relaxation" becomes stressful, you need a new life.

I've got two parties this weekend. One is for the career group from Placerita. The other is Donald's sister and bro-in-law's annual party. And Donald will be down for it. Both should be fun.

And I'll probably head over to Six Flags for a couple hours tomorrow. Haven't been all year, and my annual pass is set to expire in 19 days.

We seem to be getting very bad reception on the VCR upstairs. Can't figure out why, but this is a crisis. That's where I record Alias every week!

Speaking of which, I haven't been doing enough to plug the show. It's down in the ratings from last year. Which is funny, since I people who have started watching this season. One of which just borrowed all my season 1 tapes to use while recovering from getting his wisdom teeth out today.

Last night, I had Matt and Jeremiah over for some more Bab 5 fun. Watched Signs and Portents, the title episode for season 1. They loved it, execpt that there seems to be a scratch on my new DVD's in the middle of that episode. Need to figure out how to replace it.

And finally, some reality ramblings.
Amazing Race - No! I've been rooting for Drew and Derek since the start. So sorry to see them go. Definately rooting for Ken and Gerrard since I've enjoyed watching them. They're having fun along the way. And Flo needs to zip her lip NOW! Actually, I'd like to see Flo and Ian team up so I could root Terri and Zach on for putting up with their partners this long.
Survivor - Even though Ted has that cool shaved head, I wasn't sorry to see him go. I'm rooting for Helen and Jan over there. I'd be happy with Brian. Basically, anyone but Clay. Brian sure thinks he's in charge. But when you get too sure of things, you start loosing.

You know, it's been awhile since I earned that random ramblings thing. Definately too care of that today.

And only 25 more minutes until I'm out of here!

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