Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Time for another weekend update on my life. (That is why you all tune in right? To read about my jealousy inducing weekends?)

This Friday night was a rare Friday free. So, how did I start it? By going to see 17 Again, which I mostly enjoyed. When the movie was over, I discovered I had two missed calls from friends inviting me over to play poker. The game hadn't started yet, so I went. It was a cash game, and I broke even, too. (That is, if the check ever comes in the mail.)

Saturday was down to Sherman Oaks to play ultimate Frisbee. Nine of us, which was too bad numbers wise, but I still had fun.

But it was hot! The temps have really soared the last few days. We were breaking records with 100 degree weather on Monday. It's only in the 80's today and supposed to be around 60 on Friday. I hate wild swings like that.

Anyway, Sunday I stayed near the condo and got some laundry done between church and Babylon 5 night.

I got the official word that one of my roommates is moving out in a couple of weeks. I was expecting it since he is graduating. Since the other roommate is his friend, I must admit I kind of expect him to follow through on his plans to move closer to his college and church at some point this summer. So I am now on the hunt for roommates #6 and 7 in a twelve month period. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the roommate shuffle?

But in much better news, I also got word this week that I got a spot in co-ed Summer League Ultimate Frisbee again this year. Instead of first come first serve, it was a lottory system this year, which had me nervous. Can't wait for that to start in June.

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