Thursday, April 23, 2009

Internationally Recognized Reviewer

I just want to let you know how lucky you all are. You are reading the blog of an internationally recognized reviewer.

(Wow, don't I sound pompus?)

Seriously, though, last weekend I got an e-mail from Lee Goldberg, author of the Monk tie-in novels. He was in Germany on business and picked up a copy of Mr. Monk Goes to Germany in paperback. Guess who had two lines from his Amazon review quoted on the back cover? Me!!

Lee bought a copy of the book and sent it to me. Yes, the lines are in German, but I was able to guess what they said with a little help from the actual review.

Anyway, I am quite honored and thrilled, as you can well imagine. This is the first time (I know of, anyway) that my reviews have been quoted on the books themselves. I know parts have been quoted by authors on their websites before, which is also an honor.


Leslie said...


That is so absolutely awesome! You need to order one for yourself (maybe Susi can help?)

Leslie said...

Ignore what I said about getting a copy of the book - I misread that - for some reason I thought you had said that he emailed you a copy of the back cover.

Yes I am not awake.

Mark Baker said...

Believe me, if he hadn't sent me a copy of the book (which was very thoughtful of him), I would have been asking Susi to get one for me. :)

And thanks!

Eowyn7 said...

Way Cool! :-)

Matt said...

That is awesome. Now I wish that I'd asked you for your autograph before you were you'll probably charge me, ;-).

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mark!

Lee Goldberg said...

You have another surprise coming in the mail...I just got it from my publisher unexpectedly today.