Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I've Got Bad News and Good News

Actually, I've known the bad news for about a week now.

Matt, who has made a few appearances in my comments and almost constantly the last few months in posts, is leaving town this Saturday.
:( And we still have 2/3rd's of season 5 of Babylon 5 to go, too. Seriously, we've become very good friends in the last few months. Better then we were before. I thought I had until May, but now it's now.

Why do my friends keep doing this to me? Don't they realize that when you become my friend you sign a contrap to stay in town forever and ever amen?

We were talking about Heaven in both services in church Sunday. That forever things, while hard to wrap my brain around, sounds so good when I think of all the friends I'll be able to spend forever with. Like Matt, the Durons, Donald, Jeremiah, Grandma.

Got the good news last night. Effective January 1st, I'll be getting a raise. And a better raise then I'd hoped for, too. Considering it's been several years, I'm very happy. Not enough to allow me to kick out my roommates, but enough that Trixie camp by myself should be no problem what-so-ever.

Meanwhile, I am stressing about my paper big time. I have no clue when I'm going to get it written or even find research to be able to write it when I find the time.

And I've decided to get a laptop. Preferably before I head home for Christmas. Any thoughts are more then welcome. The sooner the better so I can get on-line at home again.

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