Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm not ready for it to be Monday yet!

I need at least another two or three days on my weekend.

Of course, that would be because I didn't really do much Saturday that was at all productive. Other then talk to my family. And three loads of laundry. But I spent most of the afternoon playing around on the internet, not working on my paper, not working on the Sunday School message for Sunday morning, not working on either Trixie fan fic idea, not working on finishing the book for a group discussion on a mystery board I belong to. Yeah, other then that I got a lot done. :)

I did finally get the message prepared enough that I didn't look like a complete idiot Sunday morning. Went really short, but I was at a natural breaking point in Matthew 5, so I figured I should stop there. Which meant I dealt with Divorce and Oaths. Two topics that are sure to be part of every jr. higher's every day life. :)

Then Sunday afternoon, I went to my friend Debbie's house for an afternoon of praise. I brought my guitar, and we sang for at least an hour after we shared some praise from the Bible or songs. A really great afternoon. Couple that with the messages from both services Sunday (about Heaven from Revelation 20 & 21), and I was flying high.

Sunday night I finished the book for the discussion. Frankly, I was less then impressed with Sick of Shadows. Very weak plotting and not funny like it was supposed to be. I guess it was supposed to be a social satire on Southern culture, but not being a Southerner, I just didn't get it.

And I'm rather tired, too. Probably because I stayed up Saturday night to try my hand at Halo 2. Went to bed about 1 AM. And I stink at first person shooter games. Too many controls to try to keep track of.

Frankly, that game is going to cause some serious problems. All my roommates want to do is play it. On line if they can. Well, to do that, they have to be plugged into the DSL server. The same place my computer plugs in. Which means if I want to be on-line, I have to kick them off. And, getting the TV in the living room is even a bigger problem. Honestly, they play that things probably 12 hours a day between the three of them. And when Tom goes to bed early, I have no choice but to be out there. I wonder if they'd suspect me if the game suddenly got broken.

Finally got my new bumper stickers on magnets and four of them are on my car. Found them at The four I have on my car read like this: "I used to be indecisive. Now I just don't know." "Hi!, I'm the dread pirate Roberts #3690. Ask about franchise opportunities in your area." (I know Mary will want to get that one.) "One by one, the penguins steal my sanity." And finally. "I'm not paranoid! Which of my enemies told you this?"

Looks like it's dinner time. Have a good night.

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