Thursday, May 30, 2013

And a Wedding

I also had a wedding this last weekend.  Saturday late afternoon, my friends Chris and Stacie got married.  The wedding was only about half an hour from me, which was convenient.

I haven’t known them that long, so as I expected, everyone I knew there was wedding party.  I’ve met a few of Chris’ friends, and they were his groomsmen.  But it worked out well because they were at the table for us misfits and singles, so I still had some people to talk to at the reception.

I was also honored to be in a couple of the pictures with Chris.  Wasn’t expecting that at all.

The service was very nice.  Then we went to a country club for the reception.  They served us In n Out for dinner – not my favorite and certainly a first at a wedding.  Then there was dancing and mini-cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake.

I had fully intended to leave by 8, but it wound up being around 10 before I headed home.

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