Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for April 27th

The Amazing Race – I really didn’t want either of those teams to go, so I’m okay with the non-elimination leg.  I hope this next leg really sets teams apart, however, and isn’t just one task followed by another like the last two have been.

Once Upon a Time – I don’t see how they are going to remotely wrap any of this up by the end of the season.  Then again, I often felt that way with 24.  We’ll see how much does get resolved by the end of season two.  And they did the library scene from Beauty and the Beast!!!!!

Castle – Could Castle have been more of a guy at the beginning, more concerned with his video game than Beckett?  And could she have been more of a woman at the end by throwing the “where are we going” comment into the middle of something else?  Best moment, however, was when Castle realized why the Billionaire had stumbled just before the sniper’s shot came through – because Beckett has pushed him away from the kiss.

Dancing with the Stars – Another obvious elimination.  The boxer was nice enough, but he was still very stiff at dancing.  My roommate is rooting for Andy to stick around, but I think he’s going soon.

Splash – Sorry to see Kareem go, but he was the weakest diver left.  Some here on out, I think it is going to be very hard.  The synch on some of those dives was amazing, however.

Survivor – So sorry to see Malcolm go.  Wish he’d been able to find the idol and break into the alliance somehow.  It always amazes me how people on the bottom of an alliance don’t go anywhere until it is too late.  Haven’t they seen the game before?

Arrow – I’m sorry to see the friend behaving like he is.  I get it, but I’m sorry to see it.  And they are obviously setting up the sister’s boyfriend for becoming a full time character next year.  I think that Arrow did the correct thing, but his right hand man is definitely to make things difficult for the next few episodes.  I get where he is coming from, but I think he’s going too far considering all else that happened.

Psych – Shawn just doesn’t seem to be as funny this season.  And Woody, please grow up.  He’s just annoying, and I wish he weren’t getting bigger and bigger parts each season.  Still, some funny moments, and I appreciated the twist that it wasn’t the roommate, which is how they were setting everything up originally.  Stay strong, Juliette.  Make Shawn grow up a little before you take him back.  And take some time to work through how you feel about the lying.

Big Bang Theory – Wow, three plots in one episode, all of them handled well.  Poor Penny, not getting something else even when Leonard is trying to hard.  Early Buffy was good, too.  But my favorite was Sheldon dealing with Amy’s therapy, and how he handled it at the end.  So funny.

Nikita - Not surprised with how Alex is handling things.  But Nikita going after her just makes me love the character more.  It will be interesting to see how Division goes forward.  I just wish the show weren't going so dark.

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