Saturday, March 05, 2011

Weekly TV Recap - March 5th

The Amazing Race - Phew, the Cowboys managed to get it together and stay in the race. I'm not too surprised that Amanda and Kris got eliminated. Everyone was so close together and they had the extra task to do. I am surprised that everyone went for the one task since it sounded like the hardest by far. I would have at least seen what the other looked like first since they were fairly close together. Frankly, I find very few of the teams worth rooting for. Hopefully, the Cowboys go far. Heck, I'd love it if they won.

Chuck - I knew they were going to turn Volkav's daughter evil. And they way the episode played out, I can't blame her. It's so heart breaking, however, because poor Chuck really was trying to do the right thing. Sarah as bridezilla will get old in a hurry, so I hope they rein her in quickly. And Morgan and Casey as roommates? This will be very interesting.

Castle - What a rush! They dragged out the freezer scenes a bit too long, but I was so thankful when they were finally rescued. And the scene at the end when Castle pulled out all the wires was hysterical. I loved his face. Nathan Fillion made that scene. Oh yeah, and the names of the terrorists? Evan Bauer and Jack Cox. Nice shout out to 24 in a terrorism themed episode. At one point, I thought I might not like where they were going with the plot since the terrorists were white guys, but I think I did like it. They managed to point out how we do make assumptions based on race and how politicians fight for and against wars when they are politically convenient. Sadly, both are all too true.

White Collar - Watching Peter and Neal play each other, especially in front of each other, was an absolute riot. I have never laughed so hard at an episode of this show. The plot was pretty interesting as well, although I'm not quite sure I understood all the ins and outs of the rolling blackout collusion. It was wonderful to see Elizabeth be such an important part of the episode. I always love it when we see lots of her.

No Ordinary Family - So Dr. King is now taking a backseat to the new Mrs. X. The episode was pretty much all about introducing her. I liked it, but overall, it was pretty light.

V - Wow, Erica has really gone over to the dark side. While I pretty much agree with what she is saying, I like how they are playing this with Jack. Not only is it great tension, but it really reflects the characters. And I loved the fact that Erica's failure may wind up saving Tyler's life. Now, if only the disease could have been less gruesome.

Survivor - Russell got voted out!!!! I can't believe people were actually smart enough to really, actually, truly do it. Unfortunately, we've got Redemption Island still. I sincerely hope he loses big time so we can get the man off our TV this season. Plus I like Matt. Of course, as excited as I am, I really don't like a team throwing a challenge. It just seems stupid no matter how it is done. But please be gone next week, Russell.

Big Bang Theory - Discussing the various versions of Monopoly? Mocking Leonard for his Penny fantasies? Could this show be any funnier? Unfortunately, I am drawing a blank on some of what had me laughing the most right now. Isn't that the way it always is?

Fairly Legal - You know, just once I'd like to see a show deal with illegal immigration where the immigrant wasn't a fine, upstanding person with only that one flaw. Really, is that too much to ask? The episode was good once I got past the premise. Again, they pulled the last minute save out of no where, although I did buy it. And I think I understand Kate's relationship with her ex-husband a little better now. Plus we got some movement on the father's will. That's certainly an interesting storyline.

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