Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer League Tourny

So, it happened last weekend.  Maybe it's time I talked about the Summer League Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

First things first - It was hot!  We were just beginning to get a second round of real heat.  It wasn't as hot as it was in the middle of the week, but it was still hotter than it had been most of the summer.

We were second seed going into the tournament, so we started out playing the 7th ranked team.  It was a hard fought battle.  We managed to pull it out at the last minute by two points.  Yes, it was that close.

And at that point we had a buy while the other half of the 8 teams played.  I read for a while and then jumped in the pool.  Having access to the pool at Cal Poly (where the tournament was) was certainly a nice bonus this year.

It was just afternoon when we played our semi-final game.  Try as we might, we just couldn't get it together.  We started out behind and stayed that way the entire game.  But I have to hand it to the other team.  They really worked hard for it.  There were a couple of nice lay out catches for scores.

We could have played a third round for 3rd, but I seemed to be the only person interested in that.  So we only got two games in that day.  Personally, I hadn't played that much, so I was ready to go run like crazy.  I also find these games in the losers brackets are more relaxed and fun for me.  But it didn't happen.  Instead, I stayed and jumped in the pool again before watching the men's finals (which went so long they had to move fields) and the first half of the co-ed finals.  I left early to head come for sci-fi night at Joe and Erica's.

All told, it was a fun day, but disappointing.  I would have liked to play more.  And obviously we would have loved to win.

Still, playing in Men's league wasn't nearly as stressful as I feared it would be.  My team was nice and we had fun.  We were all talking about trying to play together again next summer (which won't happen because it's a draft league).  Yes, I'll try to get into co-ed again next year, but it won't be the end of the world if I wind up in Men's.

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