Friday, August 27, 2010

My Disney Nights

I should have been home the last two nights, attempting to clean my room because I have a potential 3rd roommate who would be sharing the room with me.  But instead I've been out playing and indulging my love of Disney.  And I don't regret it at all.

Wednesday night, I met up with Angelique in Pasadena to see Mary Poppins on the big screen.  She'd found a small chain was showing some Disney classics.  We talked about going to see some others, but this looks to be the only one we'll get to see.  But it was a blast.  Someone who works in the Disney achieves was there, gave us a little trivia about the film, and then asked a couple of trivia questions.  Of course, I got one of them correct.

Not only was it fun to see the movie on the big screen, but it was fun to see it with people who love the film.  Yes, we were laughing at all the right moments, but the energy in the theater was just awesome.  It was so much more fun than it would have been just sticking the DVD in the player at home.  I really wish I could have gone to see Pete's Dragon last week.

Last night was a blog meet up from The Disney Parks Blog around the new California Adventure World of Color show.  I actually left work at 3 to get there on time.  While I got there in plenty of time, I did take two hours to get down there thanks to the traffic.  Still, that gave me time to wander around Downtown Disney, pin browse, and buy a new Lego key chain (the alien from Toy Story.)

When Angelique got there, we checked into the event (which was free to those who RSVP'd quickly when the post went up on the blog, that was the only way we could get in.)  That's when we found out that part of the event was a park ticket.  I figured they were going to herd us from one thing to another and then escort us out of the park at the end.  That thrilled us since we haven't been to a Disney park since February.  I've driven by with every mud run I've done, but I haven't actually been on Disney property.

Anyway, the event started with a presentation on the show from three of the VP's responsible for getting it off the lagoon, so to speak.  Since Angelique and I hadn't seen it yet, some of the discussion didn't mean much to us, although watching video from the orchestra recording the score or the early concepts for the show was still fun.

From there, they took us over to watch the show.  It wasn't as close as I thought it would be, and Angelique and I were in the back of a crowd.  But we managed to find good places to look through.  And for the price (free) we certainly weren't complaining.

The show is pretty amazing.  Yes, they project stuff on water like they do for Fantasmic.  Yes, it's a water laser show.  But it's pretty spectacular when you are standing there watching it for half an hour.

That was the end of the official activities, so Angelique and I decided to take advantage of our free ticket.  We started by pin shopping.  I bought a couple.  Okay, okay, I spent more than I should have.  But they've got all these great limited edition pins for the 55th anniversary, and we haven't been pin shopping since February.  When we were done with that, we grabbed a fast pass for Tower of Terror, then went on the Monster's Inc. ride.  For a laugh, we decided to check on the wait time for Soarin' and discovered it was only 15 minutes, so we had to ride that.  Then it was back to Tower of Terror before heading to the World of Disney store and our cars.

I had figured we'd be leaving the park by 9:30, do a little shopping, and be in our cars by 10:30.  Instead, we closed the park down at 11 and didn't get back to our cars until midnight.  Yep, I didn't get to bed until 2 this morning.

Tonight, it's time to tackle my room, and try to get a little sleep.  Tomorrow morning I'm off to a bachelor party all day.  At some point, I really do need to clean up my room.

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