Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday - June 16th

It's the middle of the week, so that means it is time for another Waiting on Wednesday

This week, I'm talking about a non-mystery.  Heck, the book is even non-fiction.  Now that you've picked yourself up off the floor, I'm talking about Meaning at the Movies, a book written by a professor here at the college where I work.

Grant Horner is an English professor who spends a lot of time talking about Christianity and popular culture.  That's why I am so excited for this book.  It is going to explore worldview in popular movies and help Christians learn discernment with the movies they watch.

Now, I watch a lot of movies.  And TV.  And read lots of fiction.  I like to think I am pretty discerning as it is.  But hopefully this will help sharpen my skills and maybe remind me of a few things I have forgotten.  And from what I know of the author, it will be entertaining as well.  The book is due out Monday, and I hope to get my hands on it soon.


Matt said...

I've seen some buzz about that book. I think I'd like to check it out. Will you post your thoughts on it?

Mark Baker said...

I'll certainly be reviewing it at Epinions (probably Amazon, too.) I'll try to post my thoughts here as well.