Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mini Review: Resort to Murder

Moving on today to Resort to Murder, the 6th Henrie O Mystery by Carolyn Hart.

This book finds Henrie traveling to Bermuda to attend the wedding of her ex son-in-law. She's there more as a support for her grandkids than anything else. But as the week progresses, rumors of a ghost at the resort seem to be all too real. The ghost ties back to events that happened when most of the wedding party was on the island the year before. A very modern corpse makes Henrie start taking things very seriously. What's going on?

After the last couple of books in the series, I was thrilled to see this one was much better. The characters were unique. While there were plenty of them, I didn't have a hard time keeping them all straight.

The plot moved along at a fairly steady pace as well. There was one plot point that got dropped, but it was fairly easy to guess what really happened there.

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