Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I had to pop in and wish you a Happy Leap Day. I hope you've been leaping everywhere you go today.

Okay, I admit. I haven't been.

My parents are in town. They got in Tuesday night, so I've been hanging out with them all week. Wednesday, they came over to see my new living room. Last night, we came to see the play at Master's. That's right, after six years we're putting on plays again. This year, they are doing an abridgement of The Importance of Being Ernest. I love the play, but it's been a while since I've seen or read it. And that's probably a good thing because I didn't know what had been abridged. As a result, I absolutely loved it. Everyone was laughing like crazy at times. Very well worth seeing.

As soon as I get off work, I am heading down to Anaheim. Mom and Dad moved their trailer down there today. I'll be spending the next couple of nights in the trailer down there with them. During the day, we're meeting up with Angelique and going to Disneyland. It sounds like the nice weather we've been having the last few days is disappearing at least for tomorrow. It's only supposed to be around 60 instead of the 70's we've been having. It's supposed to warm back up Sunday. Hope that holds true.

Meanwhile, I have my usual Spring cold. As soon as the temps start rising, I catch one. Hopefully it will be mild and won't dampen our fun over the next couple of days.

It sounds like the traffic is rather bad, so I'd better hit the road. Enjoy the rest of your extra day.

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