Friday, August 05, 2005

Quiet Week

This has been a rather quiet week. Slow at work and not much going on out of the ordinary.

Actually, the slow at work part is rather frustrating. We are the furthest behind we have ever been before the audit. And it starts Monday. I will be working tomorrow for sure. Hopefully I'll still get to do something else, especially since I'm supposed to be the contact person for the game night.

Frankly, I'm not sure why we are this far behind. As far as I was concerned, we could start wrapping things up Tuesday. So most of the week has been hurry up and wait as Phil has been working on financial aid and student account stuff that doesn't balance. Anyway, it's rather frustrating.

Small turn out at youth group last night. Between vacations and camp, I don't think we had a dozen. Scrapped the songs I'd picked out Wednesday and just did requests. We'll do those songs next week.

And last night was my last ultimate game of the season. We actually decided to do something different. We started out a head and stayed ahead the entire time. The closest they ever got was two points behind. And they had a whole lot more subs then we did. The tournament is Sunday and I may have to skip since Seth and Kiersten are supposed to be in town that day.

Why must everything happen in one weekend?

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