Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm Baaack!

Sorry about not making it over here to update yesterday. The afternoon just got away from me.

I had a fabulous time in Dallas with my family.

I left later then I wanted to Wednesday afternoon, but I still caught the 1 PM shuttle to the airport. Got there in plenty of time, too. My flight from Las Vegas to Dallas was delayed an hour, however. My family wasn't happy about that, since it got me in at 11:30 PM. But it did allow me to finish reading the textbook for my class, which I was thrilled about.

Thursday, we just hung out at my bro's apartment. It's very nice, and the complex is beautiful. Very jealous here. Dinner was great. As if Thanksgiving dinner could be anything but.

Friday, we explored downtown Dallas. Went up in reunion tower. And walked around the square where Kennedy was shot. Blanking on the name at the moment. Saw a special on it a few months back, but being there was interesting. And, for some reason, being at this particular historical place was more special then some of the others I've been. Anyway, we also walked around some of the historical/shopping disctricts.

Saturday we headed out to Bridgeport. My parents lived there for 9 months before I was born, so it was neat for me to finally see this place they've talked about all my life. Certainly a different part of Texas then Dallas.

Sunday we went to church. I really like my brother's church. Great worship. I got to hear the assisstant pastor, and he was great. Then we went down to the seminary and walked around and drove to some rich areas of town.

Monday, Mike took me to Half Price Books before we left town. It's a huge used book, music, movie store. No Trixies, but I did get a couple mystery novels I've been wanting to track down, so I was happy about that. And a bonus Amy Grant CD that I didn't know existed but I had to have.

Then we flew home. Mom, Dad, and I were on the same flight to Phoenix. No delays or anything getting home, but I swear I got the slowest shuttle driver possible. It took us an hour to make all our stops along the way. Probably because it took him about a minute to load luggage under the bus. And wouldn't let anyone on until all the luggage for that stop was loaded. Yes, that means it would often take 15 minutes at a stop to load all the luggage. But I did get lots of reading done.

In fact, I did a pretty good job on the trip. Read Sugar Cookie Murder (loved it) and reread Happy Valley Mystery. I'm in the middle of The Shilo Sisters. I don't think I'm going to be disappointed to see this series end, but you never know.

Last night, I finally got the footnotes into my paper and printed it out, so it's all ready to turn in Friday. And I bought the Beach Boys Christmas CD. Sounds a little too much like their normal stuff to be Christmassy, but I think I'll like it.

Right now, however, I need to head to dinner.

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