Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Frustration is the Name of the Game

I'm just feeling very frustrated with life.

There's me and the lack of work I get done during a "work" day.

There's the money I'm trying to track down that was deposited into our bank account last month and no one in our office knows why. Furthermore, I keep hitting nothing but brick walls at our bank.

There's trying to decide on a laptop computer. Too much info, do many decisions! Make it stop, make it stop! But I'd really like to have one by the time I head to my parents for Christmas so I can get on line on my own when I'm there.

And I'm trying to decide something on a wireless phone, too.

Between those two, it obviously means the world's about to end, which frustrates me because I'm not ready for that yet.

I'm frustrated with politians for continuing recounts in Ohio over the Presidential election and Washington over the governor. (And guess who's supporting both of these recounts because they lost. I'll give you a hint, it's not the Republicans.)

I'm frustrated with CBS news for not firing Rather by now.

But most of all I'm frustrated by my social life, or lack there of. Except for a brief interlude the last few months, I once again am without anyone to hang out with. My roommates have made it very plan that they don't consider me someone to hang out with. Maybe because I'm always in my room watching TV. Then again, they're always in the living room watching something I have no desire to see or playing Halo 2, which I can't play to save my life.

Still, hanging out with Matt these last few months was fun. And it meant I saw more of Matt and Casey, too. But now I look around for someone to do something with on a weekend, and I don't see anyone. I actually got depressed for not being invited when two of my roommates went over to someone's house to play Halo 2. Yep, depressed because I wasn't invited to do something that would have bored me to tears. And I'm frustrated with myself for it.

Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind that maybe it's time to look for a new church. One with more people my own age. But I just can't leave my church. I'd feel so guilty for it.

Welcome to my world, where any answer can only make me feel worse. :)

And in a non-depressing subject, I've met my reviewing goal for the year. I hit 600 reviews Monday night. I'm currently sitting at 603 with probably 3 more to go this year. I feel so accomplished. :) And it's nice because I plan to review one DVD and then just review books as I finish them. Give me the rest of the month off to recharge my ever present, "What can I review next" batteries.

Hm, maybe I need to worry about reviewing less next year and release some stress from that and focus more on other areas of my life. Like loosing weight or finding other ways to make friends.

Well, maybe I've rambled on long enough. What do you think?

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