Friday, December 17, 2004

And My Grade Is....

An A! I got an A!!!! Finally, I got a 4.0 in a semester of college!!!!!!!!

I found out this afternoon, and I'm a tad excited. In case you missed it somehow.

I love the grades being posted on the network. You don't have to wait two weeks like when I was a full time student.

In other news, the Durons are back in town for a few days. They were at Bible study last night, which was really a Christmas party. And I had lunch with Dave and Beth this afternoon. At Baja Fresh, where Dave and I would always meet for lunch. It's great to see them again. Sounds like things are going very well for them in Idaho. Unfortunately. That means they won't be coming back here! (Have I ever claimed not to be selfish?) Seriously, I'm glad to see them so happy with this decision. Looks like God really was calling them there after all. :) (Kidding again! I'm kidding!)

Of course, spending my lunch hour with them meant I didn't get to spend it with my book. Only 45 pages to go, and it's killing me! But it was so worth it. I can finish this weekend, no problem. I'm really enjoying it, so all you Turing fans, look forward to another great adventure.

Well, I'm trying to get out of here early, and I need to fill out a timesheet and record a couple more deposits, so I'd better hit post now.

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