Thursday, December 23, 2004

Catching up on Meme's While Running Out the Door

I really should be leaving right now, but here I am blogging to catch up on these things before I leave for a week. Is this a sign of addiction?

Before I start, I got a guy to come look at my heater first thing. Tripped a switch, and he showed me how to fix it in the future, so I don't have to spend money to do it. Which means my roommates will have heat if they want it while I'm gone.

Ok, this week's TV Tuesday.

1. What is your favorite Christmas special?
Either A Charlie Brown Christmas or How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

2. Do you have a Christmas special that you don't care for as much?
I've never seen Rudolph all the way through, but didn't really like what I did. Then again, I was an adult at the time. I think that makes a huge difference.

3. One recent trend is making sequels to popular or successful Christmas specials. Do you like or dislike this trend? Why?
I hadn't really noticed, except for the Peanuts specials, which I don't like because they aren't as good.

4. Is there a book, story or song just waiting to be turned into a great Christmas special?
"This Gift" by Gary Chapman that I used for my first Trixie Belden Christmas story at Zap's.

~ BONUS ~ Share some of your favorite memories of Christmas specials growing up. Also, if you have kids, what is the one Christmas special that you look forward to sharing with them either when they're old enough or each year?
When I have kids, I'll look forward to sharing my favorite two with them. Can't think of any special memories, however.

Due to technical difficulties, there doesn't appear to be a Thursday Threesome up right now. So I'm outta here! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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