Friday, August 09, 2013

Last Summer League Game

Because of various tournaments, the summer league schedule has gotten shortened.  Unfortunately, that means I'm missing the tournament this weekend.  The only games I'm going to miss are the tournament this season, too.  Otherwise, I would have had a perfect attendance record.

Anyway, Wednesday night was our last regular game.  I wasn't expecting much since we were 2-6 and they were ranked 3rd at 6-2.  But they were missing some of their best players.

Mind you, they were still good.  We went zone defense on them part way through the first half, and that's the only reason it was close.

Even so, it was 6-11 at one point.  But we fought back.  In fact, you could tell when our mentality turned around when we got two in a row.

And we kept scoring.  We finally finished when the lights went out.  We almost scored point 17.  But since the lights went out we won at 16-14.  That's right, we won!

Personally, I dropped a disc that would have been a score.  It came in fast.  It had to come in fast.  I knew it would come in fast.  And yet I still dropped it.

However, I threw a score late in the game.  I do that less than I score, so I was thrilled with that.  Especially since it wasn't the best idea, which I realized after I threw it.  It was a pretty blind throw, but the arc was correct and the guy got it no problem.

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