Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Hike in Thousand Oaks

A week ago Sunday, I met up with my friends Chris and Charles for a hike.  Turned out it was Charles birthday, although I didn’t know that at the time.

Anyway, since they live in Ventura, I drove out there.  From there, we headed down to a trail they know about in Thousand Oaks.  It was a fun hike in a canyon that did mean some hills.  We headed down to a waterfall and back up.  Considering how close we were to the craziness of the city, it was nice and secluded.

Of course, we weren’t lonely.  We’ve been having gorgeous weather on the weekends, and that day was no exception.  Even there, close to the coast, temps had to be in the upper 70’s.  I wish I had worn shorts, that’s for sure.

Chris is the friend I did Tough Mudder with last year.  He and I had signed up to do it again with Charles.  It has been canceled this last week, so we are applying for a refund.  Part of me is disappointed because I need some goal like that to get me to run more than 3 miles at a time.  And yet, as he and I were telling Charles what he wouldn’t be missing, both of us concluded we were kind of glad we wouldn’t have to face that hard course again.

Since I hadn’t hung out with them in a while, it was nice to catch up.  We had fun hanging out together.  Next time I see them will probably be at Chris’s wedding in just a few weeks.  Speaking of which, I need to get my RSVP in the mail for that.

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