Friday, June 22, 2012

First Two Ultimate Frisbee Games

We're in week three of ultimate Frisbee summer league, and my team has played two games.  We have two byes, and the first was during week two, which makes it hard to get much momentum going.  Not that I think it hurt us that much overall.

See, we've lost both of the games by pretty much the same margin, 15-7 or so.  It's not been too pretty, but we do seem to be gaining some ground in learning to play together.  It certainly doesn't help that some of the teams do seem to know each other pretty well.

The first week, we had a majority of the team there, but boy were we clogging and swarming the disc.  I hardly got it, but then again I was hardly open because there was no where I could run to get open.

Last night was game two, and I was definitely a factor.  I got scored on a couple of times and I threw it away once.  But I also caught it and passed it on up the line several times.  They had me back as handler, which I'm not super comfortable with, but it does mean I get the disc more.

We're also trying to just have a couple people cutting, and I think that helped some with no clogging.

Numbers wise, we were way down this week.  We only had four women show up, so they were playing most of the game, including all four on defense points.  I think I only played one defense point all night.  We had a few more guy subs, which was good since I didn't want to run too much on my hip.  Sure enough, it started bugging me today.  Wish it would heal up, especially before Tough Mudder in only two weeks.

Anyway, hopefully we'll gel and win a few games before the season is over, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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