Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Signing up for Two Races in Two Days

Well, I've made two of my races for 2012 official in the last two days.  Yesterday, I signed up for the Neverland 5K at Disneyland in a week and a half.  Today, I signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September.  And my pocketbook hates me.

Neither of these races is cheap, especially the 5K.  It does include a "Twilight Ticket" to Disneyland (good after 4PM), so that's half the price, but still, it's going to be a big shock to the system when the credit card bill comes.

But those are races off my schedule and days that should be pretty fun.  I'll be seeing some friends at both races, and running the half with two friends.  Okay, so "with" probably isn't quite true since I'm assuming we'll go our own pace, but that's pretty awesome.

Yep, I'm using the rest of my Christmas money on these races.  So thanks to my uncle and aunt for them.

Now, to be trained for the half.  I plan to be six miles once a week between now and the end of March and start increasing my miles after that with my goal of Tough Mudder's 10 miles in July and then the half in September.  It seems doable.  Hopefully I'm still thinking that during the summer.  After all, I'll have to work my runs around ultimate Frisbee.

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