Saturday, February 05, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for February 5th

Wow, a whole week between posts.  I spent most of the week sick, and I just didn't feel like blogging.  But I did still watch TV.

Chuck - At first blush, I really liked this episode. So much action, so much humor. The part with Ellie and Awesome having their baby was a riot, especially how Ellie had everything together and Awesome was falling apart. This would have been their last episode if the show hadn't been picked up for more of the season, that explains the rest. The resolution of the spy plot felt too rushed. However, I love the fact that Sarah and Chuck are back together. Watching them apart was too painful.

White Collar - Much better than last week's episode. The way they worked out getting the hard drive at the end was lots of fun. And for once, nothing happened with the music box plot. I'm sure they'll pick that back up next week.

V - They are really going for those disturbing images this season. If I didn't think the show would be ending this year, I might actually consider giving it up. Tone back on the violence, okay?

Royal Pains - Evan dodged another bullet with Paige. And I really wonder where they are going with Divya's storyline. She can't leave, but how are they going to get her out of that wedding. I think Adam is too easy. There's got to be something else. And I'm wondering if Emily will turn on Hank now that he broke up with her. So much good stuff with so many storylines. Great show as always.

Wipeout - I love this show when the puns are good, and this week's were great. I especially loved the puns for Charlie Brown since I am a Peanuts fan. Heck, I wanted him to go longer just to hear more puns. Plus they replaced 7 Letter Word. Happy all the way around.

The Big Bang Theory - I knew Penny teaching Sheldon acting was going to be funny. I just never saw that ending coming. Absolutely classic. I could take or leave Raj's crush on Bernadette at the moment. If they continue with that, we'll see where it leads.

Nikita - My guess is, if I knew who the regular writers on the show were, this one would have been written by guest writers. It was pretty much a stand alone with no real forward advancement of any of the storylines. Do I care? Not in the slightest. That was a cool episode. Watching Nikita take on the odds and win handily every time is so cool. Although that last scene makes it look like Michael is going to be suspicious of Alex. That could be serious trouble in the weeks to come.

Fairly Legal - So, remember what I said last week about hoping the show didn't pull solutions out of nowhere every week? They didn't do it this week. In fact, it was so well set up that I actually cheered when they gave the dad his consequences. And the sub-plot about her ex-husband finding a present for her birthday was funny. I was surprised that they didn't so something about the mystery person in the will this week, but I'm sure we'll get more next week.


Leslie said...

I completely agree with the gore on V. I also liked the Nikita episode quite well. Its pretty obvious that Michael has it figured out, but we'll see what he does with the info.

Mark said...

I don't think Michael quite knows which side he is on, so it will be interesting watching that dynamic play out. I hope this show continues for quite a while.