Monday, February 07, 2011

A Week of Sickness

I mentioned in my post Saturday that I was sick this last week.  It all started Monday afternoon at work.  Suddenly, my nose started to feel like it was just draining.  I figured I was having a bad allergy attack, so I still went down to LAX to pick up Daniel and stop by The Mystery Bookstore party.

That night lying in bed not sleeping, I figured out that I was running a fever.  Sure enough, the thermometer agreed with me on that.  So I took the next three days off work.  The fever actually broke Wednesday night, but I took Thursday off to make sure I got better.

What amazes me is how much better I'm feeling now.  Normally, when I get a bad cough with a cold like this, I am lucky if I get rid of the cough in the next month.  This one is pretty much gone.  I woke up without in on Saturday.  I've had one or two bad coughs since then, but nothing like I normally have.  And I can breathe so free and clear.  Praise God!

I'm just hoping I didn't get Daniel sick.  Naturally, that was his week at home between groups.  I will feel very guilty if he winds up being sick as a result of being home that week.

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