Friday, April 18, 2008

Mini Review: Primitive Secrets

Today's review is on Primitive Secrets by Deborah Turrell Atkinson. (Link will take you to a full review.)

Storm Kayama enters the law office where she works that Monday morning to find her "Uncle," adopted father, and founder of the firm dead at his death. Because of his age, most people assume it is a heart attack. But after Storm is attacked and her home broken into, it looks like murder. Was it a family squabble gone wrong? Or did something happen at work that lead to his death?

The book started pretty slowly, with details about Storm's personal life that I, frankly, didn't care about. Once the plot picked up, however, I really got into the book. The characters grew on me, and the mystery had several nice twists. The writing was rough at times (it is a first novel), but there were several scenes that really drew me in and had my heart racing.

And did I mention the setting is Hawaii? While I've never been (first trip planned next month), I really enjoyed a chance to pretend I was there for a few hours.

This book was worth reading. Just give it some time to get going.

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