Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finally Behind Me!

I have such a feeling of relief. This morning was my court date about my ticket.

Since I had taken the tint off the two front windows, I was just trying to get the fine down to the $10 I thought I would have to pay. I get into the courtroom, they call my name. I'm showing the bailiff that I have corrected the problem (the sign off from two weeks ago) and tell him why I'm there. He tells me that tinted windows are now a non-correctable offense and I might have to pay the entire thing. Naturally, that didn't make me very happy.

They call every one else, and make us listen to a tape. Then finally the judge comes in. Makes a few remarks, then begins dealing with the tickets. I'm the second name he calls. "Dismissed. Just pay the $10." So I did.

I can not tell you how incredibly happy that makes me.

I got into work an hour and fifteen minutes late this morning. Still, I think that was totally worth it. Saved myself $107. And, since I worked through lunch, it's not making that big a difference in my schedule.

Health wise, I was feeling so good Sunday night, but I am doing better now. Can't seem to do too much, still. Took the youth down to the mall for an event this weekend, and then went to see Stranger than Fiction. Between the two, I think I wore myself out. Guess I just need to be more patient. Really wish I had that virtue.

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