Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Thoughts

So, the US mid-term elections were yesterday. I'm sure it's not big surprise to anyone who knows me that I'm not happy with the results. Yet I'm not as upset as I thought I would be.

I'm not happy with the idea of the Democrats running both houses of Congress. (I think they'll wind up with the Senate when all is said and done in Virgina.) I have started following politics fairly closely the last four years or so, and I honestly don't think they get the war on terror. And I'm not just talking about Iraq, but the entirity of the danger we as a country face. Frankly, them being in charge of my security scares me.

On the other hand, I was getting frustrated with the Republicans in charge. They seemed more concerned with appeasing the Democrats then actually acting like a small majority they were.

Then there are domestic issues. I know we'll get a tax increase. And no matter how it is spun, letting tax cuts "expire" (why were they temporary in the first place again?) is a tax increase. And, no matter how it is spun, it will impact me. I'm not happy about how much tax I pay already. I certainly don't want to pay more.

But I am happy with how the Republicans seem to be handling things. They talk about learning from this and returning to their roots. There will be new leaders for the Republicans in both houses of Congress. If this turns out to be more then just talk, I will be very happy by the next election. I am already happy comparing the Repubs reaction with the Dems from two years ago (How could we loose?)

Of course, everyone is promising to compromise and get along. I would expect nothing less on the day after the election. I expect that to be gone by January if it lasts that long.

I was shocked to learn today that Rumsfeld has resigned as Secretary of Defense. I'm one of the few Americans who isn't horribly upset over Iraq, but the idea of getting some new ideas certainly exites me.

No matter how things turn out, I think the next two years will be very, very interesting.

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