Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Yesterday, my new gas dryer was delivered. As I feared, they gave me a time of the middle of the afternoon. Fortunately, they arrived near the beginning of the two hour window so I could get back to work.

The new dryer is hooked up. I used it for a couple loads last night. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to dry things the first time through. I think if I go with a longer cycle I won't need to use the highest heat. But even with it on the second heat setting (I think there are like five), it still worked very well. Things were almost dry the first time around as apposed to be almost dry the second time around. And it's much quieter! I think the washer is a little louder, but the dryer is so quiet you can actually forget it's going when it is turned on. I think I'm going to like them both.

I haven't talked to Mom since Monday, but she was feeling better then. Feeling stronger and having more energy at the end of the day, which is a very good thing.

Monday night I went with Debbie to see the new Harry Potter movie. I liked it, but since I haven't read the books, I have nothing to compare it to. I can't wait for the next one!

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