Friday, December 02, 2005

It All Adds Up to Nothing

What do you get when you have a basketball tournament, ladies craft night, and the youth pastor gone on the same night? Nothing.

Last night after work I raced home to work on getting some songs together for worship and the powerpoint done. Finished that up and got there a couple minutes late.

Then I learned what else was going on. The guys were playing in a basketball tournament the Christian school connected with my church was hosting. The ladies had planned their monthly craft night, so wouldn't be joining us. And Pastor Jon was at a convention. We kept changing what we were planning to do, but ended up doing nothing. I felt badly for the high school guys who were there, but since there were no jr. high guys and jr. high staff but only one high school staff, I didn't feel too guilty.

Paul moved in this week. I think things will work well, once I adjust to the change. You know me and change.

This afternoon, Dad called to tell me that Mom was in the hospital and would be there overnight. She passed out early this morning and was acting weird, so Dad called for an ambulance. They have determined that she has an ulcer that is bleeding internally. They've given her some stuff for it and all should be well now, but I must admit it's still shaken me up quite a bit.

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