Monday, July 11, 2005

Oops, I Did It Again

Got sunburned that is. And just as last Monday's sunburn is starting to peel.

Saturday, the career group I attend had a BBQ in the afternoon. Hung out there all afternoon in the pool. I put sunscreen on before I got there, but what chance does it have after a day in the water? Still, it's not too bad. A little discomfort in the shower, but that's about all. Still, my arms and chest are definitely red! As a surprise, Steve and Karla were back, so it was nice to see them.

But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.

Donald and Heather were in town this weekend. I only got to see them Friday night this go around, but it was wonderful to see them. Had dinner with them and Steven and Natalie. They went to Disneyland on Saturday without me. Maybe I should stop speaking to them as penalty. :)

Back to Saturday. (Confused yet?)

Went straight from the BBQ to the game night. Naturally, I left later then I had intended to, but then I got stopped at one signal for a train. Just as the light was about to change for us, the arms went down. Then the train took a couple minutes to come, then the other side got to go again. Finally it was out turn. It felt like about 10 minutes, but I know it was at least five.

Anyway, we had a small group at the game night. But we still had fun playing Scattergories. Kyle stopped by for a couple minutes, so I finally got to meet his girlfriend.

Sunday we got to gether again to see Fantastic Four. I know nothing about the comics, so I really have nothing to compare it to. I enjoyed the movie, although was a little surprised that it seemed to spend more time on character developement/drama over action/special effects/superhero stuff. Not quite what I was expecting.

So I came in today to get the accounts reconciled for the year end. And spent more of the day on one account. I still can't find $400. I've gone back futher then I should have had to. I'm missing something, but I can't figure out what. Hopefully, it'll come to me tonight. I hate banging my head against a wall when I can't find the answer.

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