Monday, July 04, 2005

Must the Weekend End?

This has been a fun four day weekend. I really am not ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Friday Casey and I went to Universal Studios. We had one false start. We'd just pulled out of the complex when Casey realized he didn't have his pass. Took a little while, but we found it and got on our way. We hit all the rides (not that they have too many.) I really enjoyed Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park is still good. On the tour, we got to see a set from War of the Worlds. Along the way, we stopped at the Tombstone set and I tried on a coffin for size.

I most certainly didn't enjoy the Van Helsing haunted house. The people they had set to jump out at you were not my cup of tea.

Saturday, we hung out around the condo for a while in the morning. Watched some TV on DVD and I finished my book. Oh yeah, and Casey gave me a haircut.

I wanted to shave my head this weekend, and decided to have a little fun along the way. So I had a Mohawk for 24 hours. Casey did a good job, especially for a first time cutting something other then his own hair. I shaved the rest it off before church Sunday so as not to be too big a distraction. (Yes, Faith, this means I'm bald again.)

In the late afternoon, we headed out to meet up with Debbie to have dinner and go to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I wished I'd made Casey take his camera phone. The reaction on her face was priceless. She brought Konrad and Carol with her, who were in town, contrary to the rumors I had heard. Really enjoyed the movie. A funny dark comedy that was much better then I thought it would be. Not that I knew exactly what I was epecting. Anyway, it was worth seeing. We laughed all the way through it. Then we came back and soaked in my hot tub and played killer uno. Only played a couple hands, but I was loosing quite nicely.

Sunday was church in the morning. Because they are redoing the floor in the gym/santuary, we met outside. The floor looks great, and it'll be wonderful when it's done. After the service, we had a pig roast. Can't beat a free lunch.

Sunday afternoon found Debbie, Casey, and I back at the theater. They went to see War of the Worlds; I went to see Herbie: Fully Loaded. Don't listen to anything they say. I saw the better movie by far. Any lover of the classic Herbie movies will love this one. It has some nice nods to the classic fans and had a great new entertaining story. Ok, so most of it was by the books and if you've seen the others you know what to expect. But it was great!

Afterwards, we came back over here and worked on Debbie's blog for a little while. Then Carol and Konrad came over and we played killer Uno again. And this time I won! It was almost 1 before the game was over and we were laughing like crazy over every little thing. It was a wonderful time.

Today has been a very lazy day. Casey and I are just hanging around the condo. I went to the pool for about an hour. Went to the final of the five pools in my complex, so I can now honestly say I've been to them all. In fact, I decided to jump in the other four on the way back to my condo, so I've been in all of them today. What do you mean I'm weird? :) Anyway, Casey stumbled on the Monk marathan, so we've both been watching that most of the afternoon. We played American edition Monopoly, and I lost big time. I thiought I had it in the bag until Casey landed on Free Parking. Playing with money on that space sure does effect the outcome of the game.

I'm hoping to head down town for the fireworks a little later. Other then that, I guess I should start getting ready to head back to work tomorrow. Have I mentioned I don't want to go back to work tomorrow?

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