Friday, August 06, 2004

It's a Sign

So now that I've survived Donald and my brother's wedding, my hair is once again my own. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it, including possibly waiting until next weekend and getting a Mowhawk for the ultimate Frisbee tournament. Or trying a flattop again. But I finally decided to do what I've wanted to do most for months. Just buzz it. I was planning to do that tonight.

But last night I got an additional confirmation that this is what I should do. I took my comb out of my pocket and discovered that it had started to break. Now we're not talking about loosing a spoke or two. I've had that happen before. We're talking about breaking in half. I have no idea what caused it to do this so suddenly, but I figure if your comb is going to break, it's time to get rid of your hair. I don't see what else it could mean. Certainly isn't time to buy another comb.

In other news, the situation at home with the guest has resolved itself. For now. It could continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future, however. We'll just see what happens.

Bible study was fine last night. The kids played capture the flag most of the evening. It was nice for something different, especially since I didn't play. :) I'm not a capture the flag person. And I had to get the music together. Turns out I was the only one leading last night thanks to a little misunderstanding, but it worked out. We did some songs we don't do that often, so it was nice for something different.

I'm going to pass the half way point in Dark Water Dive tonight. Not a bad good, but the author could use some pointers on plotting. Like leaving out irrelevant bunny trails. Like the first three chapters for starters. Or the chapter I read last night. She gets on her soap boxes and forgets the mystery. Unless this all somehow ties together, in which case she still preaches too much in her books.

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