Thursday, September 27, 2012

Survivor Mud Run - 2012

After two and a half months, I finally got back in the mud.  And I’m actually surprised at how much I was missing it.  Let me tell you, this winter is going to be very long.

Josh joined me for the Survivor Mud Run this last Saturday, and we made a day of it since we did a late morning (pretty much noon) wave.  It was nice since it gave us a couple hours to just hang out each way in the car.  Since I’ve done a couple by myself for the first time this year, it was nice to have someone to do this one with.  Looks like my last one of the year is going to be solo as well.  Sigh.

The course was similar but not identical to last year’s.  My favorite part, the inflatable slide into the lake was still there.  The mud was still fairly thick as well.  They thickened up the final mud pit, so we were pretty dirty at the end this go around.

Plus they’d added more mud and sooner, which meant the mud was spaced out quite a bit.

Checking in was much easier this year since they had bibs separate from shirts.  That’s something I’m very thankful for since we got there a little later than I had planned.  On the other hand, bag check was more crowded when we were trying to drop off.  Since we finished around the time of the last leg starting, it was a breeze to get our stuff at the end.

It was definitely hot by the time we left.  It made the mud and water that much more enjoyable since they were a chance to cool off.

But all that is really minor in the grand scheme of things.  We had fun, and that’s what was truly important.  Well, that are we got filthy dirty before it was all over.  What else do you want at a mud run?


That Loud Redhead said...

Your love of the mud runs astonishes me. Not because of you, but because the thought of getting all dirty just icks me out, lol! Congrats on doing another one!!

Mark Baker said...

You and Angelique. :) They certainly aren't for everyone, but if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be running.