Saturday, April 07, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for April 7th

True Confessions time.  Instead of doing this as I went along, I wrote this post up just now.  That's why some things are hazier than they would have been if I'd written it over a week like I normally do.

Also, I'm behind on Friday snows again.  But next week I should be able to catch up and stay caught up.

Once Upon a Time - So that's the big secret?  As a child, Snow betrayed a confidence when she was manipulated?  It seems to be that Regina is blaming the wrong person and going way overboard.  Fortunately, it seems most everyone agrees with me.  But it's a minor point in a series I'm still loving.

Castle - Castle was hardly around that episode.  It was the Beckett and guest star episode.  Of course, I realize they were doing it from a plot point standpoint of showing how Castle is pulling away from Beckett.  The episode was fun overall, and I'm curious to see where they'll go from here to wrap up the season.

Ringer - First time in a long time I actually saw the ending of the episode coming from a little ways away.  I would say that Bridget is in major trouble, however it's not quite immediate as I thought it would be based on the preview from last week.  And Shioban needs to learn to stop plotting soon because every time she does, she makes it so much worse.  Love how she and Bridget seem to have changed roles from years ago when her son died.

Psych - Their angry client was not nearly as funny as they tried to make him out to be.  But Shawn and Juliette on opposite sides of things was very funny.  Those were definitely some of the best laughs of the night.

Survivor - The guys are stupid and don't deserve to win.  I doubt anything can save them at this point.  If only Colton were around to see how his ego and stupidity has come back to bite all of them.  I would pay good money to see that, in fact.

The Big Bang Theory - It would be nice for Sheldon to actually be nice for a change.  It would destroy his character, but it would be nice.  Still, I thought Howard was great in the episode, and the ending was absolutely perfect.

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