Monday, April 23, 2012

Called to Love Tour's Southern California Stop

I took Thursday off work to go to a concert in the evening.  Okay, so I originally only asked for the afternoon off.  The concert was two hours away and started at 7.  Did I mention that's two hours of no traffic away?  If I left at 5, I'd definitely hit traffic and miss much of the concert.  But then Chris wanted to get together earlier, so I took the entire day off.

He arrived a little before noon, and we headed out for a run.  Stupid idea since it was hot.  Had to be in the 90's.  I don't mind running in the heat, but that was a bit too much even for me.  Plus it was my first run in any serious heat all year.  Definitely zapped me.  Plus I think we were running faster than normal.  Anyway, we grabbed lunch and headed out.

We got there with a couple hours to kill, so we found a place to buy the tickets and then wandered around for a while.  Even found a Jamba Juice to help rehydrate us.

The concert featured downhere, Jason Gray, and Aaron Shust.  Chris and I are both fans of downhere, but I like the other two artists as well.  I loved it.  Jason came out first and did several songs from his two newer releases.  Considering I just discovered how awesome Everything Sad is Coming Untrue is, I didn't know the songs as well as I could have, but I really enjoyed it.

Next was Aaron, who did songs from three of his four discs.  The one he was missing?  Take Over, my favorite.  But singing along with "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" and "My Hope is in You." was incredible.

Then there was a break before downhere took the stage.  Honestly, I wish they had gone longer.  They focused on their last two records, but threw in their Christmas classic "How Many Kings" as well as "Someone to Love."  It felt like about half the show they did here in town in October, so I was glad I saw them then as well, but it was so great to see them again so soon.

The concert must have been a last minute addition because Chris has only spotted it a week and a half before it happened.  I'd been debating about driving up to Santa Rosa to catch the concert.  Turns out the one up there was sold out, so I'm glad I didn't.

And it was what I needed Thursday night, too.  The reminder of God's love convicted me of my need to respond to Him with my life.  It may not be the exact message they were sending out, but it was exactly what I needed to hear that night.

Anyway, I was talking about how last minute it must as been.  The concert was never up on the official tour website.  And attendence was sparse.  We're guessing maybe 100 people were there, which was nice and intimate.  Then again, the church wasn't very big to begin with.  Not too many hung around for autographs afterward, but we did, and were through the line fairly quickly.  All told, it was a wonderful evening that was over much too soon.

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