Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FIR Question #8

It's Wednesday, which means that Catrina over at Callapidder Days is asking another Fall into Reading Question.

Where do you love to read? Do you have a favorite chair, a favorite room, a favorite place…somewhere that inspires you to put everything else aside and pick up a book?

Honestly, the answer to that question is yes.  I will read anywhere and everywhere.  It comes from a childhood spent using books to get me through boring shopping trips.  (Let's face it, every shopping trip outside a toy store is boring when you're a kid, even if it's for you.)

Based on where I read the most now, I would say my favorite places to read are:
1) My car.  Don't panic.  I don't read while driving (although I have been tempted upon occasion).  But I will go out to my car and read on my lunch hour.  Yes, I often take a nap as well, but that's a favorite spot, and when it is too hot or cold to do that, I'm disappointed.
2) My bed.  I always snuggle in at night and read before turning out the light.  Unlike some people, I find reading relaxes me enough to put me to sleep.  Whenever I have a chance to read at home, this is my default location since my roommates are usually out and about other places in the condo.

Given a choice, I will also read in the easy chair in the living room, although that's less common.

As I said, I will read anywhere and everywhere I can.  As long as I can support at least some of my weight, I will get lost in a book.  Yes, I have read standing up before.


Kiefler said...

Since you mentioned that you read standing up, I would think that therefore your *most* favorite place to read would be "While waiting in line at Disneyland."

Mark said...

That would be rude to the people I am at Disneyland with.

But maybe I should try it sometime.