Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekly TV Recap - September 9th

Necessary Roughness - I really think I'm starting to warm up to this show.  Yes, the main storyline is still pretty formulaic, but they make the sub-plots interesting.  I think I've actually come to care for the characters.  I'm even liking TK.  It all changes when Dani's friend moved away.  I guess I hated her more than I thought.  Either that or the scenes with her made Dani out to be too childish.

Melissa & Joey - So the ruse of Joey working in her office was doomed to fall apart at some point, but I really did think it would be later.  And I don't see why the two teams still couldn't have played ball just without Joey.  Meanwhile as much as I don't like Ryder's girlfriend, the story with her was actually pretty funny this time around.  And the second episode with John Ratzenberger was fun, too.  Not too many surprising twists to the plot, but still rather funny.

Burn Notice - Did they really kill Larry?  That would be surprising since they seem to love to bring him back at least once a season.  He makes a great psycho, too.  The problem with Pierce sure went away quickly, which is a surprise in some ways but it allowed them time for another plot, too.  But that twist at the end.  What is that guy going to want from Michael?

Suits - I called it weeks ago, the season would end with someone finding out about Mike's secret.  Okay, so we don't know that Trevor told on him, but we'll find out in 9 months.  I don't want to have to wait that long for new episodes!  Meanwhile, can I just say I love Jessica?  Smart and strong.  Do not mess with her.  People have rightly pointed out that the USA Network is a little male heavy, but she is their best female character by far.

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