Monday, September 19, 2011

That's a Quiet Weekend?

I was planning on a nice, quiet weekend at home this weekend.  Okay, for the most part, that's what I got, too.  But it was rather busy.

Friday, I was surprised by a phone call not too long after I'd gotten home from work from an old friend I hadn't seen in years.  He came over for a couple hours.  Even brought pizza.  It was nice to chat and catch up with him.

I actually got up early and got my car smogged first thing Saturday morning.  I realized this was my last chance to do that for at least a month, and I needed to get it done before then.  From there, I met up with the Saturday morning group for some ultimate Frisbee.  (I'd always played Thursday night.)

Then I went home and tried to get a bunch of stuff done like laundry and paying bills and watching some stuff I have out from various libraries.  I also had a ton of reviews I wanted to write.  I got to three of them, but that's it.

Sunday was supposed to be a trip down to Santa Monica to play some beach ultimate, but that idea got nixed since I was going to start hanging out with Joe and Josh earlier.  Okay, so it wasn't as early as planned by the time we all were ready to go.  I was debating whether I really wanted to go down or not.  Still don't know if I wanted to play ultimate or not.  It would have made three times in four days, which is a good number, although not a perfect four for four.  Instead of that, I took a nap before heading out.

Yes, there was quite a bit of time at home, but it felt like I was always pushing to get the next thing off my to do list.  That's what happens when you overbook yourself, I guess.  Not that I can think of anything I want to cut out from my schedule in the coming weeks.

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