Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Review: Heat Wave

Yep, I'm enough of a TV geek that it seeps into the books I read. Case in point is my last book, Heat Wave by Richard Castle.

If you've missed the TV show Castle, you're really missing out. The premise is that best selling author Richard Castle is shadowing a NYPD homicide investigator so he can base his next character on her. This book was released as the second season started, and is the book that is being released on the show right now.

It follows Nikki Heat, a NYPD homicide inspector as she investigates the death of a wealthy real estate investor. Since he fell six stories to his death, first thought is suicide. But it quickly becomes apparent it was murder. Who wanted him dead?

This book is an absolute blast for fans of the TV series. The characters are thinly disguised versions of the TV characters. They even worked in a writer characters named Rook. The plot was pretty good as well. It kept me entertained and guessing what was happening until the end.

The real flaw with the book was the writing. At the beginning, it was over written, bordered on pretensious. Some of the sentences had multiple phrases and rambled on. Fortunately, as the book progressed, the writing smoothed out and I was able to get lost in the action without the words distracting me.


Thoughts of Joy said...

I LOVE Castle and was surprised when I discovered that Heat Wave was a real book. At first, I thought the advertising was part of the show. It's good to know you liked it because I was wondering how it stood up. Thanks.

Framed said...

I can't believe there is a book to go along with the series. I love the series. Now I want to read the book. Thanks for the recommendation. The question I have: Is there really an author named Richard Castle?