Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mini Review: 7th Heaven

In my effort to get caught up on my October reading, here's another mini-review. Today I'll be talking about 7th Heaven by James Patterson.

As with most books in this series, the four women who are the main characters find themselves facing parallel plots. Up first is a new clue and a confession in the disappearance of a former governor's publically loved son. Did the prostitute that confessed really do it?

Second, a series of arson/murders are happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. The killers set fires, leaving the wealthy owners tied up in their own homes. Can these criminals be caught?

This was another toss up. One of the plots was well done and reached an exciting climax. The other one? It fizzled and died before reaching a bad climax. Not happy with it at all.

I do realize I have come to love these characters. In fact, one of them was being stupid with her love life, and I want to yell at her and shake her to wake her up. Probably get me beaten to a pulp if I tried it to her face. So I will keep reading the series. But it would be nice if there was one great plot again.


Kiefler said...

Random comment, but I was reading an entry on a comic strip blog (, June 28) and Cecilia had just gone to watch the new Star Trek.

Because she had she went back and watched the previous Star Trek movies, and found this interesting tidbit:

The man left behind at the beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was Cmmdr. Decker, played by the eventual husband on 7th Heaven.

The woman picked up at the end of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was Dr. Gillian Taylor, played by the eventual wife on 7th Heaven.


Kiefler said...

(Obviously I mean the TV series, not the book, but the title reminded me of the little factoid.)

Mark Baker said...

I already knew that. ;)

Leslie said...

Star Trek Trivia: I was like "is this news?" ROFL

Mark - is this part of the Women's Murder Club series? I don't recall if you watched the TV show or not. I really liked the show but it was cancelled - would I enjoy the books or where they completely different?

Mark Baker said...

The reason I am reading the books is because of the TV series, which I enjoyed.

The books are definitely more violent and have more sex in them than the TV show ever did. But I am enjoying them despite that. We're talking thrillers here, not the normal light mystery I read.